Product responsibility

Eco-efficient engines

As Germany’s leading engine manufacturer, MTU is taking a holistic approach to product responsibility, the overall aim being to develop innovative engine concepts and technologies that not only meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and safety, but also measure up to increasingly demanding environmental standards regarding greenhouse gas emissions and aircraft noise. MTU’s products work efficiently and are highly reliable in operation; they are manufactured using safe processes that have as little impact on the environment as possible. The same applies to our maintenance business.

The European aviation industry and research community have committed themselves to rather ambitious targets for the future of air traffic, which are laid down in the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). Here is a breakdown of the SRIA’s environmental protection targets for air transport:

SRIA 2020SRIA 2035SRIA 2050
Noise-11 dB = 55%-15 dB = -65%


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Clean Air Engine

MTU supports the SRIA objectives, which it considers binding, and measures its performance against them. The company has pooled its research and development activities in the field of sustainable engine concepts in its Clean Air Engine (Claire) technology program. Plans are to reduce the CO2 emissions of future aircraft engines by a total of 40 percent by the year 2050 and noise by 65 percent. The new Geared Turbofan? (GTF) engine, which is being developed and built jointly by MTU and Pratt & Whitney, is the first stage of Claire. It stands out for its markedly improved energy efficiency and a 16-percent reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition, the GTF is much quieter, it cuts noise footprint levels (distribution of aircraft noise in the area surrounding an airport) by 75 percent.

MTU’s Clean Air Engine agenda

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The targets MTU has set for itself are pursued within the framework of the company’s climate strategy, which is in line with the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

MTU’s climate strategy

Sustainable production and maintenance concepts

MTU’s manufacturing and repair techniques are high-tech processes that result in perfect product quality. Both in production and maintenance, sustainability is a top priority for MTU. Take additive manufacturing, for example: Experts in Munich are working to mature this new technology for use in the production of complex engine components. The advantage for the environment: Additive processes help substantially reduce the amount of raw material needed. MTU’s environmental protection effort also extends into the maintenance area: True to its motto “Repair beats replacement”, MTU Maintenance is continuously developing advanced repair techniques which allow it to achieve levels of repair that are unique worldwide. This approach is beneficial to the environment as it saves on materials and conserves resources.

Supply chain

To underpin our responsibility as an engine manufacturer, we aim to apply the principles of sustainable management throughout our supply chain. Responsible sourcing is our answer to the challenges of managing a complex, global supply chain.

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