Transport Aircraft

The demands placed on military transport aircraft are very exacting: The airlifters need to be robust and reliable, highly versatile to satisfy multi-mission requirements, be designed for quick loading and unloading, and able to carry heavy payloads over long distances. Their engines play a major role in helping them fit the bill.

After having been a partner in the production of the Tyne engine powering the  Transall for decades, MTU now also has a stake in the program to build the propulsion system for the Transall's successor, the Airbus A400M. MTU is responsible for the development and production of the intermediate-pressure compressor and intermediate-pressure turbine and shaft of the TP400-D6 engine. It also has a share in the work on the engine control unit.

Final assembly of all TP400-D6 production engine takes place at MTU in Munich. MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg performs the production acceptance tests before the engines are installed on the transport aircraft in Seville in Spain.