Customized Solutions for Aero Engines

Customized Solutions for Aero Engines

MTU Maintenance is the global market leader in customized service solutions for aero engines. As engine experts, we offer a wide range of individually-tailored solutions encompassing innovative maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, integrated leasing and asset management.


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Our channel is all about engines and aviation. We are the leading German company in the engine industry and with our advanced technology and services we are an indispensable partner and service provider around the globe.
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MTU Maintenance at a glance / MTU Maintenance auf einen Blick
MTUPlus Intelligent Solutions
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Our Intelligent Solutions

At MTU Maintenance, we understand that operators increasingly require services tailored to their specific needs in order to control and optimize cost. Additionally, we know that residual value is key to lessors and asset managers. Our solutions meet these needs.