Technology funding programs

Technology funding programs

MTU actively participates in all major research projects at both the national and international levels. It plays a crucial role in the German aviation research program (LuFo), as well as the EU’s Clean Sky, ENOVAL, LEMCOTEC and E-BREAK research programs.

German aviation research program (LuFo)

MTU is one of the leading industrial partners in the German aviation research program (LuFo) launched by the German government. The company cooperates with universities and research institutes, focusing on the development of new high-pressure compressor and low-pressure turbine technologies. LuFo funds have already played a major role in the development of MTU’s successful GTF technologies and also in the optimization of blisk manufacturing techniques.

Clean Sky—the EU’s aviation technology research initiative

With more than 600 partners involved, Clean Sky 1 was the largest aviation technology research initiative ever undertaken by the European Union. MTU was involved from the outset as one of the key associates in this first stage of the program, which concluded in 2017. The company was responsible for one of five engine demonstrators for which it led the development of pioneering technologies, notably for the compressor and turbine.

In Clean Sky 2, which is set to run through 2024, MTU took on an even greater role as one of the 16 lead companies (OEMs). All participants are working on two demonstrators as they develop and test technologies for the next generation of Geared Turbofan? engines; as before, MTU is concentrating on the compressor and turbine components.


The MTU-led ENOVAL (ENgine mOdule VALidators) project was launched in 2013 and ran until mid-2018. In the project, a total of 35 European partners from industry, research and academia successfully developed new technologies for low-pressure components for turbofans with GTF technology. ENOVAL’s aim was to reduce CO2 emissions by up to five percent and cut noise levels by up to 1.3 dB (A), thanks to higher bypass rations of between 12:1 and 20:1 and a higher overall pressure ratio of between 50:1 and 70:1. In its role, MTU focused on the integration and optimization of the existing expansion system, which consists of the turbine center frame, low-pressure turbine and turbine exit case.

Press Release: Successful program completion: ENOVAL achieves its objectives


In the LEMCOTEC project, 35 European partners explored options for increasing the overall pressure ratio once again to further enhance the thermal efficiency of future engines. MTU’s workshare involved the design, construction and testing of a new high-pressure compressor with an unprecedented pressure ratio, lighter high-temperature materials and an advanced secondary air system.


The EU’s E-BREAK technology program aimed to further reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of future propulsion systems and extend their service lives. In a joint effort, 42 partners worked to refine components and engine sub-systems, such as technologies for sealing, materials, and health monitoring. For its part, MTU worked on abradable systems, simulation methods, new lightweight materials and engine monitoring systems.